Prizes, Qualifications, and Awards


15 times champion of Venezuela
since 1988-2018

represented Venezuela
in more than 24 countries

Two time Pan-American womens champion, and was for 10 years standing among the highest ranked players in the Americas.

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page1_img2I am Maria Carolina Blanco. I was born in Venezuela. Most of my family and colleagues call me Carolina or "Dr.Carol". Currently I am Orthodontist Specialist, F.I.D.E Chess Master, and Women's International Master.


my two passions

page1_img3In my profession as an Orthodontist personal aesthetics are Integral part of the health. This site is dedicated to my family friends and all people who shares my two passions "Dentistry and Chess".


Chess Master

  • 15 times champion of Venezuela since 1988-2018
  • World Championship, Pto Rico 1989 3rd Place.
  • Pan- American Championship Brazil ¬†1990 1st Place.
  • World championship¬† Eslovaquia 1993, 11th Place ( Best of America)
  • Participation in the 31th World¬† Olympiad Moscow 1994
  • Pan American U-20 championship, Venezuela 1997 2nd place