About Carolina Blanco

Carolina believes that with discipline we can all reach our goals in Life. Chess has been a discipline for her since she was 7 years old. As a result, Chess has allowed her to visit more than 35 countries around the world representing her native country of Venezuela.

The Multicultural experience of meeting different people around the world and their unique cultures has been an inspiration for her to always want to create new things. When she became a Dentist and then shortly thereafter an Orthodontist, she wanted to be able to continue being involved with the game of Chess and still combine part of her profession as an Orthodontist.

She has resided in U.S.A now for more than 12 years .As an entrepreneur and orthodontist She has developed orthodontic products, such as "Chesssmile braces" in different orthodontic metal brackets prescriptions and also oral hygiene kids with chess motif, which She has enjoyed providing to her orthodontic colleagues. She also owns a company involved in the education of Chess in several school programs in the State of Georgia.

Carolina emphasizes that In her profession as an Orthodontist personal aesthetics and a beautiful smile are an integral part of an individual’s health which also increases their self esteem . This results in a more positive attitude resulting in a positive chain reaction in our daily life and in the lives of those we touch.