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I am Orthodontist Specialist, F.I.D.E Chess Master, and Women's International Master.

I am Maria Carolina Blanco. I was born in Venezuela. Most of my family and colleagues call me Carolina or "Dr.Carol".

I believe that with discipline we can reach all our goals in the life.

I have been representing my country in international chess tournaments since I was 8 years old. I have had the opportunity to visit 35 countries around the World in which I had the marvelous luck to meet exceptional people. I have tried to select some pictures from all those trips and experiences to share with all of you. During my life, I found that I can combine the high competence of my professional life with the high competition of sports, keeping good grades and efficiency in both.

Besides Dentistry and Chess, I love languages because they allow me to communicate with more people. I earned certifications in English and Portuguese—my native language being Spanish. I am presently trying to learn even more.

In my profession as an Orthodontist personal aesthetics are Integral part of the health. This site is dedicated to my family friends and all people who shares my two passions “Dentistry and Chess”.

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